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Mindfulness Resources

“...wonderful training and knowledgeable instructor.”


The gains you can obtain from Mindful Meditations is "dose dependent". The more you practice, the more you benefit! Here are some guided meditations to help anchor your mind, cultivate positive moods and experience freedom from difficult mind states.

Education & Workshops

These offerings are for everyone! Whether you want to learn more about how to settle your mind, further develop your meditation practice or bring resources into your own clinical practice and earn CEU's. All of us can accept the invitation to build more emotional resources, develop skills to train our minds and learn cutting edge Neuro Cognitive Science discoveries about the Threat Defense System and the Default Mode Network of our brains.


We can all use a beautiful place to catch our breath, pause, and open to new ways of being. Participants have the opportunity to experience increased ease of mind from just a few days of introspection and mindfulness practice. As we take the time away from the demands of everyday life, it allows us a deeper immersion in the beneficial practice of mindfulness.  Retreats are powerful. Retreats develop community. Retreats can be transformative. They are for everyone, including educators and professionals. We can emerge from a retreat feeling lighter, more joyful and balanced in our lives. CEU's available for Psychotherapists.


Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapists, Louise Beck and John Longo deliver mindfulness based programs to businesses. Having previously worked in the corporate world, they have first hand experience with the demands of corporate life. They know the benefits of decreasing stress for the employees and how this translates to increased employee productivity, retention and workplace satisfaction.

Take-Home Tools

Give it a try on your own time! Use these tools to practice mindful self-compassion at home or in the workplace.


Learn more about mindfulness, cognitive therapy and meditation and find additional ways to achieve well being at these resources online.

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