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Your First Appointment

Please register at
Once you have made an appointment with us, please go to above site and click on 'Find Your Therapist'. Enter the name of the therapist you have scheduled with. Continue to ‘Register as new patient/client’. You can create and enter a Login and Password for future access to our secured site. Please fill out the demographics and personal information at least 1 day prior to your appointment date. This will save time gathering information in your first appointment and allow us time to help you right in your first session.


Please Arrive 10 Minutes Early

We look forward to meeting with you. Our office is located on the entry floor into the building. Please come 10 minutes early for your first appointment to fill out some paperwork. The minimal paperwork will be in the waiting room, on a clipboard, with your first name on it.


Insurance and Payment

Please bring your insurance card and any co-pay you may have. If you need a referral from your insurance company, call the number for mental/behavioral health on the back of your card, prior to your first visit. Please bring your referral number with you. We accept checks, cash and credit cards. Learn more about the insurance plans we accept >


Refrain from Scented Products

Please refrain from wearing any scented products to your appointments as many people have sensitivity to scents from colognes, perfumes, oils, lotions, aftershave, etc.



Restrooms are located in the hall way between the front door and our waiting room.


Beck CTA Office Policies

You will receive info on our office policies to take home and keep for information on our cancellation policy and fees.


Enrollment Fee

Beck Cognitive Therapy Associates has established a $100 enrollment fee to cover personal services and materials we provide for you that are not billable to your insurance company. These services include:
1. Handouts which include articles and forms for your therapy


2. Email communication


3. 24/7 availability for urgent needs via our cell phone


4. Writing letters or filling out forms on your behalf


5. Care coordination with others who are involved with your care; with your consent, by phone, fax, secured and encrypted email or letter


6. A library of resources you can obtain in the office such as books, CD’s or DVD’s to enhance your treatment


The enrollment fee is due when you begin treatment and annually on your anniversary date.


Our Commitment to You

We believe all these personalized services and materials are vital to your learning Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and/or Mindfulness Behavioral Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). Our goal is to increase your understanding of how the mind works and help you develop the needed skills to manage it. We are dedicated to providing you with quality, personal service. Your treatment will be based on the most up to date, well researched forms of psychotherapy and mindfulness interventions.


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